Self-Hypnosis for Injury, Surgery and Dentistry Part 3. The Dentist!

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The last of my self-hypnosis tales for injury, surgery and dentistry. I have been blessed with really strong teeth. I have had very few cavities in my life even though (please don’t tell the dental hygienist) I only floss during eclipses (both lunar and solar, I don’t discriminate). In the last couple of years the local dentists have decided to see what is inside some of my teeth. I’d don’t really remember the first drilling experience too well. I know I did some visualization of peaceful places but I think that was it. The second and last drilling expedition involved the discovery by the new dentist that the filling from the first dentist wasn’t done right and would have to be drilled out and replaced and of course there was a new small cavity or two that needed excavation and filling. He had a new type of machine that drilled with a laser and used a constant flow of water. I went into hypnotherapist mode using visualization of my two go to places, the beach and a spring in the mountains. Additionally I gave myself the suggestion that the sound of the drill and the feeling of the water helped me go even deeper into relaxation. Everything went fine except for the longest time my tongue kept exploring the new topography of my teeth. Perhaps I’ll include a suggestion to floss. Probably not.

Next time it will probably be Blissborn the new (for me) hypnosis assisted childbirth technique. I might change things up though and go off in the non-hypnotherapy direction of experiencing seizures. That would be the ones in my head. It will be something about babies, brains or something beginning with a “B”.

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Don Berlyn