Hypochondria and Pain: real Mind-Body Phenomena

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Hypochondria and Pain: real Mind-Body Phenomena

I saw a client tonight who came to see me for hypochondria.  The details aren’t important other than a bit of medical history with a non-genetically related family member that died of a condition in the same area that my client felt symptoms. The client did have an examination and discovered that there was a mild issue in the area. Mentally this client was able to rationally think through the unlikelihood that the headaches that were experienced off and on over the years was a brain tumor or that there wasn’t cancer or nerve damage somewhere but the stress and anxiety were real. For this person the fear of an illness has had a debilitating effect on their quality of life. The good news is that if the mind is the source of a problem it can also be the cure. Tonight’s session seemed to go very well. I’ll find out soon how effective it was.

A couple of years ago I saw a woman who had been in constant burning leg pain from diabetic neuropathy. She reported unrelenting pain which was becoming worse. We used a technique in which the person localized the feeling in the body, identified the quality of the feeling and any other sensory attributes. So the negative items were, a burning pain throughout both legs and the colors of red/orange. The client then imagined what she did want. The positive attributes were a cool feeling in both legs, the colors of blue and green, and I think the sound of water.

With this technique the feeling is identified, localized in the body, the qualities of the feeling described, then any sensory effects that are related to the feeling. I ask about visual, auditory, smell and taste. At minimum there has to be a body area and quality of the sensation. Typically with the negative condition the client can identify a visual quality. On the positive side the client can usually come up with sensations for all the senses that help them feel good.

So the woman went into a relaxing trance using her breath, breathing in cool blue and green into her legs and breathing out hot red/orange. After coming out of the trance the client reported that she felt as though she was stepping into cool blue/green water and the pain, heat and the colors of red/orange moved out of her legs completely. For the first time in a long time she was completely pain free just using the power of her mind. Once she knew the technique she could use it whenever she wanted too. Well that was easy! Dealing with chronic pain was the reason I got into this crazy business.

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Don Berlyn